All of our Designers at KORT Sign Design have college degrees, which means they have studied the art and science behind good composite, typography, photography, illustration, pre-press and production. They are rock stars, and they have intentionally chosen to work in the sign industry because of its creativity and diversity.  And with their unique set of skills, our Designers go above and beyond to deliver exceptional ideas and accurately produce art files for all your design needs.

Design doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, but if you’re shopping by price alone, remember – you get what you pay for. At KORT Sign Design, we offer a full-range of professional, creative design services for both large and small businesses. This includes logo/brand development, collateral development (business cards, letterheads and brochures), custom illustration and graphics –  and of course – sign designs of all kinds!

Logo Development/Brand Identity

Whether you need a new logo for your new business, an update to your existing logo, or a logo for a new product or an upcoming event, we’ll help you out. We can work with the ideas you had in mind, or we can come up with something totally new and unique.

A logo must be reproducible in black and white and at the size of a postage stamp to ensure great quality at any size. Whether it’s on the side of a pen on your desk, or the side of a semitrailer going down the road, your logo has to be easily readable and recognizable.

There are several ways to approach logo development and we will work within your budget, knowing that this is the most important element of your company’s identity.
At a minimum, we will come up with three assorted designs, and then do a round of refinement to provide you with final artwork for your new logo. Or you can take a more holistic and thoughtful approach by working with us in phases.

  • Meet and discover what you and your company are all about: Check out some competitors. Figure out where you and your company should fit in the business landscape.
  • Put everything in writing: What ‘does’ your company mean? What is your marketing strategy, what makes you different from your competitors, why should anyone buy your products or services?
  • Develop initial concepts: Rough sketches lead to more finished ideas. We will refine your favorites and create 3-4 logo designs for your selection.
  • Collaboration and finalization: Once you’ve selected a direction, we’ll make any tweaks needed, and then provide final art in a variety of file formats so you can use your new logo online and in print.

Even though successful logos appear to be very simply designed, the process of creating a logo is time-consuming with many divergent phases of development required to produce the final product. It’s a collaborative process working with you, the customer. The investment is worth it and the resulting logo will be an asset for your company’s marketing efforts for years to come.

Sign production


Even though it’s the digital age, print collateral is still important for all types of businesses! First and foremost is your business card.  Many times, it’s the first impression of you and your company. The natural evolution from the business card is to create letterhead and envelopes so all your business communications look professional and consistent.

Other print collateral we can help design:

  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Door Hangers
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Presentation Folders
  • Print Advertising
  • Sales Tools
  • Technical Spec Sheets


Not only do we sell the most popular trade show hardware, but we can design and create custom designs for all your trade shows and events! Research has shown that someone walking by your booth has about three seconds to figure out what it is you do, and what products or services you offer. We can help! We can design the layout of your booth to attract prospects and keep them engaged in your information. Plus, we can design all the graphics and build unique, eye-catching displays.


Of course, we saved the best for last!

We design, produce and install custom signs of all kinds. To us, as artists, signs are works of art. They are sculptures, paintings, mosaics, tapestries and calligraphy. Signs are line, form, shape, texture space, value and color comprising the elements that make up your brand and identity. Designing signs is the ultimate design challenge! We take your brand and turn it into a two- or three-dimensional representation of who you are and what you stand for.

Before we dream too big, we must first understand ‘what’ it is your landlord and the city will allow. Then we need to know your budget.

  • Do we make it out of gold or will acrylic suffice?
  • Is it an interior project or an exterior project?
  • Does it need to be illuminated?
  • How long does it need to last?

You’re in good hands with KORT Sign Design! We have designed just about everything you could imagine – and if we haven’t designed it – we’ll figure it out for you. We will work with you, your architect, interior designer, construction supervisor and even your mother-in-law.  Or we’ll come up with some stuff on our own.

Need help? We’re Here! 

If you have any questions or concerns about your design, please give us a call!