Post & Panel signs are a staple of the commercial real estate industry. They’re used to identify office, retail and/or restaurant space available, and although temporary, can be in place for a long time.

Crest Commercial Real Estate is local company, and the owner is a fellow member of the Twin West Chamber of Commerce. He needed a rush sign for a new listing and we were happy to help. Because the design included multiple colors, we made a large format digital print on our HP Latex Printer, then laminated it onto a piece of 4’x8′ composite metal. Two 4×4 posts were painted white (3 coats) and then the metal sign was attached with heavy duty screws.

While the sign was being assembled, we called “Gopher One” to ensure the site was safe to dig. Once we had the go ahead – and the paint was dry – we headed to the location with our post hole diggers, and buried the posts. It’s important to dig below the frost line, and in Minnesota, that’s a pretty deep hole!

This sign should last a long time, but let’s hope it doesn’t have to. Call us for details on Post & Panel signs or other types of real estate signage – the possibilities are endless for promoting your commercial space.


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