ADA Signs Architectural Signs Minneapolis, MN
ADA Signs Architectural Signs Minneapolis, MN
ADA Signs Architectural Signs Minneapolis, MN

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Architectural and accessibility signs

Architectural and accessibility signs are also known as ADA signs or way-finding systems. It’s important to understand the rules around materials, typography, contrast and color, not to mention position for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which can be found in chapter 7, part 3 of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design document. But that doesn’t mean these important elements of your Minneapolis building need to be boring – we can design a cohesive set of signage that matches your brand and adds personality as well as functionality.


Architectural Signage is typically in reference to a sign system that assists in identification and way finding within a specific area, building, or entire campus. We can help you work with your city’s sign codes to develop a master sign plan.

“Architectural signage compliments and accentuates the design aesthetics of a building or group of buildings. It enhances branding and is most often used to aid in wayfinding. The high quality of architectural signage is customarily enhanced by a consulting sales process that aims at optimizing design and placement to maximize ease of finding ones way and to minimize what I refer to as ‘wayfloundering’ (a term I have coined that refers to the stress and disorientation caused by inadequate use of wayfinding signage).” – John Selig

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