Years in the Making

Well, it didn’t really take years to make, but it took about that long from the time this gorgeous sign was first discussed to the time this picture was taken. Hidden Village is a cute townhouse [...]

Celebrating the Numbers

After five years in our original sign studio, we’re loading up the truck and moving to a bigger space just a few miles west, yet still in Golden Valley. This moves signals a turning point for us [...]

A Bewitching Career Choice

From the desk of Steve Bunnell: Often, I get asked, “How did you get into the sign industry?” That’s a good question, I’ll try to keep it short… but it’s a long story. Not to date myself, but [...]

Going Back to My Roots

From the desk of Mary Bunnell: The Mall of America turned 25 this month, which reminded me of the early days of my career. I was working at Holiday Companies as an art director and they were [...]

Keeping the lights on

If your New Year’s resolution is to stay in business, we hear ya. There are a lot of challenges in owning or managing a business in today’s competitive environment. Things can change at any [...]

Signs from A to Z

Sometimes people are surprised to hear how many different types of signs we make. And even more surprised to realize that they’re missing some important ways to brand their business. So here – in [...]

Visual magnetism

If you aren’t ready to jump into digital signage (or don’t like the look), then magnets make a great choice for temporary or changeable signs! Of course magnets work well on car doors [...]

Environmental makeover

There’s no doubt that people are in a hurry these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t notice your tired office or retail space. If your décor is out of date, people may think your business is [...]

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