Clark Engineering contacted KORT Sign Design to create an illuminated lobby sign and wayfinding signage for its new office in Plymouth. The challenge was designing a box large enough to house the electrical components for the floor-to-ceiling sign while also making the sign appear to be floating. The wayfinding sign design had to comply ADA standards but be flexible enough to be switched out as needed. And since the office had been newly painted, we needed to use a strong adhesive that would work as the paint off-gassed.


The KORT design team had a lot of fun designing the full-size wall sign for the Clark Engineering lobby. The lettering of the logo was edge-lit to create a halo effect, making the sign pop against the wall. Designing the huge box that housed the wiring was also a fun challenge. Little, adjustable feet at the base of the box make it appear to float against the stone wall.

We used layered acrylic painted in Clark Engineering’s brand colors for the wayfinding signs, with raised lettering and Braille for ADA compliance. We reused this design for custom-made office and cube signage

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