Architectural and accessibility signs

The KARE11 television station wanted to celebrate the Rio Olympic Games in style with some temporary signage and wall graphics for its lobby. The station’s in-house graphic designer contacted the KORT Sign Design team with a question: If they provided the graphic design, could we print and install a few temporary projects?


The KORT design team replied with an enthusiastic YES! We could print and install lobby signage, wall murals, and a complicated staircase wrap on removable vinyl that would look fantastic and be easy to remove once the games were over.

Our temporary signage solution included a 3-D wall mural showcasing some of the sports of the Rio Olympic Games. It incorporated removable vinyl decals and large-scale images printed on foamboard to make them appear to pop off the wall. We also wrapped the elevator doors and a structural pole in the lobby.

But the heart of the project was the staircase wrap. The graphic designer had provided the art files, but the KORT team had to configure it to fit perfectly and look seamless, despite difficult angles and the staircase rising 20 feet into the lobby’s atrium. During the installation, the KORT team realized we would need to use the most aggressive adhesive available so the vinyl would adhere to the uneven, texturized surface of the staircase’s guardrails. The project took a little KORT ingenuity, but we think it turned out beautifully!

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