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Vehicle Wraps

Lulu’s Street Food’s Vehicle Wrap Challenge

When it came time for a vehicle wrap, Lulu’s Street Food had a BIG idea. They wanted to wrap their entire food truck to stand out from the crowd and draw people to their counter. But the truck was too big to fit in our garage—we needed to come up with an outsized installation solution.

KORT’s Vehicle Wrap Solution

After the KORT team worked with Lulu’s to nail down a colorful design to make the truck pop, we got to work finding a garage large enough to accommodate the install. Fortunately, there’s a large warehouse just down the block from our shop where we can wrap even a semi-tractor trailer if needed.

The full vehicle wrap took some TLC, especially around seams and other hard-to-wrap places, but the result was an eye-catching, fun, colorful truck advertising Lulu’s mouthwatering street food.

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