MPLS Tours is a Segway tour company in Minneapolis and a long-time friend of KORT Sign Design. When MPLS Tours called us, they had recently moved locations and rebranded the business. The owner wasn’t sure how to produce, illuminate, or hang a sign in front of the store. He also had some ideas for hanging smaller promotional signs that could be updated on the fly.

To top it all off, a big holiday weekend was approaching, so all signage needed to go up ASAP. The storefront is in a historic area of Minneapolis along the Mississippi River and had the potential to attract a lot of foot traffic. But being in a historic district meant we had a lot of sign regulations to comply with, too.


The KORT design team presented several design options to MPLS Tours. Eventually, the client decided on an oval-shaped blade sign with a decorative bracket. The combination of bold colors, modern graphics, and traditional framing fit nicely with the neighborhood aesthetic while still being easy to see from the street.

The decorative bracket was a special order that would complement the design of the blade sign while staying within the city’s allowed sign size. We produced the sign out of polymetal (plastic sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum) to create an oval shape, then applied the vinyl graphics had printed and laminated.

Lighting provided an extra special challenge. We couldn’t run wiring through the historical building, so we came up with a creative solution to light the sign with inexpensive solar lights for residential lawn and garden displays.

For the smaller, promotional signs, we used carabiner hooks to make switching out promotions easy. The heft of the carabiners helped secure the signs so they wouldn’t spin in the wind, too.

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