Partners in Dentistry contacted us to design and install a wall sign for their lobby. Since these signs are some of our most popular forms of indoor signage, we thought this would be a straight-forward project. Little did we know that when we arrived to install the sign, the wall would be covered in beautiful, brand-new wood paneling!


Fortunately, our installation crew always prepares for the unexpected and can rely on its expertise and experience to problem-solve. Our wall sign for Partners in Dentistry was an exact match for their logo cut out of quarter-inch aluminum that would sit a half-inch away from the wall. The sign would look stunning against the new wood paneling, but there was no room for error.

The KORT installation team cautiously drilled into the wall so the wood boards would not split or crack. It took a little extra time to install the sign, but our diligence paid off. The sign went up smoothly and looks fantastic on the wood background.

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