Tim & Tom’s Speedy Market is a family-owned neighborhood grocery store. They’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and some of their exterior signage was showing its age. The owners contacted KORT to help them update and improve their image on the outside of the building.


Awnings are great for protecting people and products from the elements, but Tim & Tom’s was weathered and out of style, so we replaced them. We also added energy efficient LED lights under the awnings, which helped bring attention to the patio area in the front of the store. This was important because Tim & Tom’s Speedy Market features seasonal promotional items on their patio.

Three exterior windows were boarded up to hide the interior office and storeroom. These presented a perfect place to advertise what Speedy Market had to offer! Unless you had been inside, you wouldn’t know that they have fresh produce, a professional butcher shop featuring Boar’s Head Deli, and many specialty items you won’t find at big grocery stores. KORT installed snap frames with colorful photography and smart headlines right over the boards. These are weather resistant and can be changed out easily as needed. We also removed an obsolete ATM sign above the windows that was not only old, but an eye-sore.

Since Tim & Tom’s Speedy Market is located on a busy street—Como Avenue in St. Paul—we added an illuminated blade sign to capture the attention of passersby going both directions in front of the store. It also adds a touch of nostalgia for this cute little market in the heart of the city.

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