California-based Trojan Storage had recently opened a facility in Crystal, Minnesota, and needed our help designing and installing an illuminated monument sign that would work within the city’s strict parameters. They also needed temporary outdoor signs and wayfinding signs for their facility. We were working against time on this project, as winter—and freezing temperatures—were fast-approaching, which would make installation difficult.


We knew that positioning and permitting the monument sign would be our biggest hurdle, so we got that process started right away while we designed and installed the interior and temporary signage. By the time the city had approved and permitted our design for the monument sign, winter was nearly upon us.

It took three people to complete the monument sign installation over a few days. We dug the post hole, had the hole inspected by the city as required, and then buried and set the pipe in concrete. This was the most crucial part of the install, as the pipe had to be strong enough to hold an illuminated sign box more than a dozen feet off the ground.

Once the concrete was set, we strung the sign pieces onto the pipe, and the master electrician hooked up the lights. Just as cold set in for good, Trojan Storage had a brand-new monument sign that would light up the night sky all winter.

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