KORT Sign Design is a small company so teamwork is not only important, it’s essential. We understand that organizational success is tied to how well our team members work collaboratively to achieve the overall goals.

Effective teamwork is good for business. Stronger relationships between team members, greater job satisfaction, energized employees and a more engaged workforce are just a few of the benefits. The accumulation of good talent is what produces great team results.  

Everyone at KORT Sign Design wears a lot of hats.  You won’t get bored! For the perfect team member for KORT Sign Design, the combination of skills we’re looking for are below. Having a humble attitude and a willingness to learn is just as important.

  • Computer/Software Skills.  Capable of working effectively and efficiently in Adobe CS6 or higher on a PC (Windows 10), computer maintenance and backups. 
    Prepress Skills. Experience with digital files, pre-flighting, font management, and understanding print production.
  • Graphic Design Skills. Most of what we do is reproducing a company’s logo and/or graphics. But on occasion we design logos, lay out menus, posters, business cards, brochures etc.
  • Customer Service Skills. Most days everyone’s hands are busy, so you can’t be afraid to answer the phone and help a customer out. You should be able to address and resolve customer inquiries, problems and complaints regarding products, services, billing, installations, etc.
  • Project Management Skills. Maintain schedules, monitor and control costs. Manage multiple projects simultaneously and keep a positive attitude while meeting multiple deadlines. Ability to interact directly and professionally with customers.
  • Production Skills – Studio. We make stuff here. Being able to learn and run wide format printers, plotters and laminators are a must.  Being able to apply vinyl to various substrates is a must.
  • Production Skills – Shop. We build stuff here. Proficiency using power tools and hand tools a must. We have hand saws, power saws, table saws, panel saws, drills of all kinds, a CNC router table. The more experience you have at building things the better!
  • Installation Skills. Install signs of all kinds including indoor and outdoor displays, directional signs, window and wall graphics, etc.

Other attributes we’re looking for are:

  • Hard Working. We’re looking for people that are consistently giving their best.
  • Effective Learner. Adjusting to new environments and performing new tasks is not something that comes naturally. The right attitude and a willingness to learn are very important.
  • Disciplined. A self-controlled employee can work with different personalities. A disciplined person is also able to do their job without being constantly monitored by the boss. This includes being punctual, proactively completing tasks on time and doing work without being asked.
  • Integrity. Do what you say you’re going to do. Do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Integrity means being honest, and someone with true integrity will live this quality every day. Respect is often considered something that must be earned, but someone with integrity gives respect to everyone they meet. Admit when you’re wrong, or when you make a mistake.

We have a relaxed, fun environment and If we haven’t scared you with all of those skills and attributes, please email a short cover letter and your resume to

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