The Team

Team 1

Amy Ross, Graphic Designer

Amy graduated from Minneapolis Community and Technical College in 2016 with an A. A. degree in print media based graphic design. She has been a freelance graphic designer since 2005 and specializes in working with local small businesses. Amy has also designed a series of modernist maps that are sold online and in local stores. She enjoys creating art of all kinds, especially digital art, painting and needlework. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends and family in Minneapolis and taking cross-country road trips with her husband. Check out her portfolio at

Team 2

Spencer Bowen, Graphic Designer

I’m a graphic designer currently located in Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. I have my Bachelors in Graphic Design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am a mixed media artist who works primary in design. Working in the Sign business has opened my eyes to industrial/ engineering design. It’s opened up the opportunity to wrapping cars, large format printing, and running a CNC router. I like to be creative and work by hand and carry it over to my computer. I love constructing and building ideas to real life objects. The more I work with one medium I believe influences me to re-use that medium in other pieces I produce. As I work further on in my work I plan to use many types of media and further explore what they have to offer to better suit my clients. I hope exploring these different types of media will help me expand my knowledge as an artist while also helping me produce the best work that I can for you. I’m here to help you achieve the best representation of your business. In whatever that may be let me help you display the best of you and your company.

Team 3

Joe Bazzett

I've been making signs as long as I can remember, but began full time professionally in 1989. I have an associates degree in commercial art and a bachelor's degree in fine art. Hobbies include thrift and antique store digging, drawing, crossword puzzles and sampling craft beers.

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