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About KORT Sign Design

KORT Sign Design is a hardworking small business. We’re involved in the community and are members of the Twin West Chamber of Commerce and the Twin Cities Independent Business Alliance.

What Makes Our Sign Design Different?

We don’t have an assembly line mentality. We don’t think one size fits all. 
We don’t try to sell you things you don’t need.
We believe every business is unique – and your signs should be too.

We are artists who believe signs are the most important expression of your brand.
We are marketers who understand how best to communicate your message.
We are problem solvers who will find the most efficient way to get your job done.

See our work on Pinterest or check out our blog for stories about our recent sign design projects.

Our customers love us

Latest Reviews

“With great care and very professionally, KORT did a wonderful job creating the perfect sign for our condominium building.”


Carl Anderson

“We own a business, and they’ve done two types of signage for us. Our yard signs, and wrapped our trailer. The yard signs are cut to match our logo, as opposed to the usual square or rectangle shapes. Our trailer looks amazing; it’s bright and informative. We’ve already gotten tons of compliments and even been photographed! Since everyone there is an artist, we appreciate their input when there were modifications to make. All the work was swiftly done as well. Thank you KORT Sign Design!”

Danielle Bitz

“KORT has done a fantastic job on all of my business signage from wall and window signage to my business vehicle. They have incredible customer service and great attention to detail. I highly recommend them!”


Brett Dorrian Benedict

“I would recommend Steve and his team to any business that is expanding. Internal and External Signage, Vehicle Decals, and Printing, they do it all!”


Brian Rolph

Looking for a sign you can be proud of?

We provide professional consultation, design and production of signs and display materials of all kinds

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