Pylon Signs Minneapolis, MN
Pylon Signs Minneapolis, MN
Pylon Signs Minneapolis, MN

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Pylon signs

Pylon signs are mounted on a single pole or multiple poles and are highly visible – up to 12 feet in height. Construction consists of an illuminated cabinet atop a single support pole. The support pole is not covered with any ornaments. Pylons are typically used for Minneapolis business identification, multiple tenant listings or directories in plazas and malls. The cabinets are fabricated from heavy wall aluminum extrusion with an acrylic polyurethane finish, which can last forever. All cabinets are wired to UL specifications. Any custom graphics or colors can be decorated on acrylic, polycarbonate, or routed aluminum. Similar to the monument signs, dynamic LED message centers or a combination can be utilized in your pylon sign. These LED message centers are computer controlled and allows you or your tenants to change their company message on demand.

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