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Video Displays

Make a good first impression when someone walks into your lobby, corporate headquarters, multi-tenant building, etc. with an eye-catching video display!

Companies have learned that the most cost-effective and spatially efficient way of providing information and setting the tone of a business right at the front door is with video display technology.

A Variety of Ways to Use Digital Signage

Hotels can use videos to welcome guests, display the weather, feature local attractions, and show flight updates from the local airport.

Car dealerships can display commercials to show off their new vehicles, or feature special offers from the service department.

Schools use them to update students and teachers on upcoming sporting events, musical performances, plays, testing schedules, holidays, special achievements, etc.

Medical and dental offices can educate patients with advice and self-care tips.

Churches can use them to update parishioners of upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, staff news or local business support.

Banks use them while customers are waiting in line to promote special rates, new products or community service advertising.

Shopping malls use them to show off new store openings, special services, seasonal sales plus provide directions to shoppers so they can find the stores they’re looking for. They can also be used to communicate emergency procedures.

Types of Video Displays

On-site digital welcoming screens can showcase dynamic, moving content that inherently attracts passing traffic. It allows the brand message on the screen to be easily viewed and remembered.

Even if you are just running a static message, the image or text is likely going to be more captivating and compelling than a static sign since it can be switched out regularly to ensure it stays fresh.

Here’s just a few ways to use a digital sign / video display  in your space:

– Company information, including products and, services
– Promotions
– Live weather feed
– Live news feed
– Current date and time
– Digital wait list
– TV shows
– Event promotions
– Digital marketing
– Information videos
– Safety instructions
– Upcoming events
– Instagram wall
– Local traffic information, etc.

Today there is a wide selection of digital signage and commercial displays to choose from; most are brand names you already know like Samsung, Sony or LG. There are digital display screens and solutions for virtually any business need. You could run to your nearest Best Buy store and buy something similar, but don’t expect the TV/Video Display to run 24/7. It should be a commercial grade product.

If you plan to use digital signage in a public setting, where customers are drawn to the graphics and animation, reliable hardware and up-time is crucial to your reputation. Video displays can be as simple as a self-running PowerPoint presentation or as complex as a fully interactive experience.

KORT has all the elements to simplify digital signage for high impact installations such as way finding, dynamic advertising, and information boards. Our strong business relationships with major distribution partners nationwide give us the logistical capability as well as the service and program support to supply a variety of digital solutions.

We can help you choose the right hardware and software, plus create the appropriate content. You can control your signage network, build your brand image, and enhance the quality of the customer experience.

When a fully produced video is required, we partner with  local, professional teams of video production professionals that specialize in commercial shoots.

How do you want to manage your content? There are cloud-based systems where you pay a subscription fee. You can change the content from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. There’s a media player that is also connected to the Internet and your display.

Most solutions have what they call zones. Zones are individual areas on your channel that you can put your content in. Users build content for specific zones. For example, the zone could be showing the time, current weather conditions, traffic, or stock market data.

Most of these cloud-based systems allow you to handle multiple displays in multiple locations. If you are a developer, property management company or own several companies, you can manage all of these from the comfort of your home or office.

Also consider on how you plan to mount your display. Do you plan to put it on a wall, the ceiling, on a shelf, will it be indoors or outdoors? If you plan to mount it on the wall it should not protrude more than 4” according to ADA rules. Plan to put a table underneath or perhaps build a structure to hold the display or perhaps have it recessed into the wall.

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