Channel Letter Interior Signs Minneapolis, MN
Interior Signs Minneapolis, MN
Interior Signs Minneapolis, MN

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Indoor Signs

Indoor signs range from dimensional letters to hanging signs. We specialize in point-of-sale (POS) signage such as posters, table tents, standees, pole wraps and hanging banners for businesses across Minneapolis. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, and signs can be printed one- or two-sided, die-cut, mounted on foam core, hung with ribbon or adhered with low-tack adhesives and static cling technology. Create a unique office or retail environment with customized graphics!


Lobby signs are probably one of the most common types of indoor signs we make, and the possibilities are endless. Your custom sign design could be as simple as vinyl wall lettering and graphics, or as complicated as a wooden sculpture. We’ve covered complete lobbies with our custom wall paper as well. Besides wallpaper there are other substrates to cover walls, floors, doors and windows.


Dimensional letters and logos are popular (3D, the ones that have some depth to them) for lobby signs. They could be made out of variety of substrates; plastic is the most affordable and looks professional, especially with crisp edges. Your sign could be manufactured by injected molded, formed or cut acrylic (routed or laser cut). There are standard pigmented colors or letters can be painted to match your PMS color.


Metal letters can really add a sense of class and professionalism. They are a bit more permanent and more durable. Options include cast metal, flat cut metal or fabricated metal, and typically made out of aluminum, bronze or stainless steel. Plus there are a variety of finishing options such as a brushed metal look – very popular right now!


Lobby signs can be crafted out of several different types of materials to add personality and interest. And to really make a statement, they can be illuminated by spot lights or backlit for a more subtle approach.

Below are a variety of signs to give you an idea of materials

(but each project is unique, so ask your sign designer to quote your needs):

Lobby Sign
KORT Sign Design36" x 20-1/2" white acrylic sign with rounded corners. The "O" symbol was routed and holes in each corner were punched for 1-1/2" chrome standoffs. K, R, T letters are 1/2" PVC painted black. "SIGN DESIGN" is 1/4" PVC brushed silver laminate with silver painted edges. LED lights are mounted in the rear for glowing effect.
Lobby sign
FedEx 24" x 16-1/4" clear acrylic panel with beveled and flame polished edges. The "FedEx" letters are 1/2" custom painted PVC. "Ground" letters are 1/4" custom back painted. Mounted to wall with 1/2" decorative standoffs for architectural effects.
Lobby Sign
NBC26" x 14" sign. 1-1/2" Gatorfoam with white acrylic laminate. 1/8" clear custom back painted acrylic teardrop shapes mounted to face. Great for customers who need to match custom PMS colors in their logo.
Lobby sign
Toll Brothers23" x 12" sign. 1" Extira (pressed wood product) with prismatic routed text and border. Painted burgundy and metallic silver. Can be inside or outside.
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