Monument Signs Minneapolis, MN
Monument Signs Minneapolis, MN
Monument SIgns Minneapolis, MN

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Monument signs

Monument signs are typically large structures made out of several different materials such as wood, brick or even marble. They’re installed on the ground with a low overall height, and can be lit from different angles. We can help coordinate a unique and permanent structure for your Minneapolis neighborhood or business park through various resources.


Keep in mind that monument signs don’t have to be made out of brick and wood. We’ve used Peachtree City Foamcraft for several custom-designed signs that have the look and feel of brick and mortar. These lightweight structures are made of a durable EPS foam covered by a patented Poly-Armor coating. The superior finishing system was created specifically with monument signs in mind. Using a combination of foam and plastic, this hard coat system is engineered for long term durability and unmatched impact resistance. Monument signs finished with a Poly-Armor™ coating are resistant to moisture, rot and termites.


Your monument sign could be illuminated from the ground or with gooseneck lighting from above. Or it could also be lit internally using LED lights. Solar lighting options are also available. To really draw attention, your monument sign could utilize a dynamic LED message center or a combination of all the above.


We’ll help you design your monument sign and assist with sign code compliance to make sure it meets the all city and building regulations. At KORT Sign Design, we think of monument signs as permanent sculptures of your brand. We can guide you through the creative process from start to finish including planning, designing, production, installation, lighting and landscaping.

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