Awnings are a great way to truly customize your entryway while protecting people from the elements. There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from, not to mention colors, printing and finishing techniques. Check out all of these choices in our sign guide

Successful awnings fit your business’ personality while providing shelter and advertising. Bean & Ro came to us with a need to stand out from their competition and look professional. We went over each aspect of the design with them and got it ready to go. Check out our services to learn more about our process.

If you decide to print a logo or a marketing message on your awning, it will be considered part of your signage allowance, so be sure to talk to the city and your property manager about the total signage square footage allowed for your specific location.

Benefits of Awnings

Did you know that a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers finds that businesses that have awnings installed could have a 25% savings in their energy bills because awnings helps keep your store cooler during the summer and keeps it from heating up as quickly.

Let’s face it, storefront awnings add value to your business in several ways. It’s hard to stand out anywhere now days. That is especially true in metropolitan places like Minneapolis or St. Paul, where finding the door to a storefront can be difficult amidst dozens of other entrances. Not only in our downtown areas but in suburban locations as well. Custom canopies and storefront covers provide considerable value for the businesses, including:


The purpose of any awning is to protect against sun and rain. With our weather here in the bold north, protecting people is a form of customer service, as the extreme heat and powerful rains can upset customers. Your awning provides a service they’ll notice.


Similarly, the weather in the Twin Cities can be dreadful, and a canopy that covers your windows, walls and your products ensure that you’re protected from a variety of damage.

Lower Energy Costs 

When the sun isn’t beating down on your windows, your energy costs can go down as well. Because customers are opening and closing doors constantly, knowing that you’re protected from the weather can help the products pay for themselves over time.


Finally, you need people to notice you from the street, and awnings do just that. Customized awnings will give exposure to your brand to people walking by, and to those that are specifically looking for you. Plus you can add a few bullet points to let everyone know ‘what’ you offer for goods and/or services.

These are only some of the benefits of installing awnings outside of your business. Those looking for building entrance canopies also benefit from the quality and design that we can provide from KORT Sign Design.

Bring life to your building at night by adding lighting to your awning. Not only are they an extremely effective signage option, illuminated awnings provide security 24 hours a day.

Awnings come in several styles and sizes and selecting the correct one can be a bit overwhelming. More importantly, all awnings are custom made so pretty much any configuration can be accomplished (within reason).

Different manufactures use different names when describing the awning style. We’d be happy to help you select the perfect awning type for the exterior of your building.

Here are a few commonly used awnings styles: traditional, which could be open on the ends or closed, hipped, round nose on the front, concave, convex, dome, waterfall, marquee, hipped, gable, and pergola style.

Another consideration is if you’d like it fixed or have it retractable. To help differentiate, the fixed awning will be sturdier and last longer. It’s better for full weather protection and easy to build for small areas like doors and windows.

Lastly a fixed awning won’t require any maintenance.

Construction of awning frames are typically either steel or aluminum.

Aluminum doesn’t rust and we prefer to use that material.

Typically, awning covers come in two different fabrics: polyester and cotton. These fabrics often are treated in one of two ways.

They will either be vinyl or laminate coated or acrylic coated.

While both fabrics may seem similar, there are a few differences to make a note of when selecting the right one for you.

When you pick a polyester awning, you can be assured it will withstand weather and block UV rays while still allowing some sunlight. This fabric is also breathable and to clean it, simply wipe it down.

Cotton is a traditional awning material since it is inherently strong, durable, and waterproof. To clean this type of fabric, you may wash it in your washing machine.

The two types of coating also add a little more to the fabrics. For example, the vinyl or laminate coating makes the fabrics flame and water resistant but more prone to fading.

On the other hand, the acrylic layer helps the color of your fabric last longer but doesn’t add that flame and water resistance.

Another option for awnings is for them to be made of poly-carbonate.

This means your awning will be virtually unbreakable; many feature UV protection and reduce light transmission too.

We like to use Sunbrella® products for our awning covers. This product is UV and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, easy to clean (you can even use bleach to remove tough stains), and they offer great sun protection

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