Lobby Signs

Typically lobby signs are hung on the wall in a waiting area and behind the reception desk in many Minneapolis businesses. Most include a logo and sometimes a tagline but could include other information such as:

  • A department identifier like “main office”, “human resources” or “engineering”
  • A mission or vision statement (if it’s short)
  • A historical benchmark such as “Established in 1959” or “Over 200 offices in 20 countries”

Each lobby sign is uniquely designed and fabricated to suite the physical space, the specific wall material it will be hung on, and of course the budget you have to work with. Your property manager or building owner should be involved in the planning process from the beginning to make sure you have approval to make structural and/or electrical changes.

We’ve made simple lobby signs out of plain, one-color adhesive vinyl, to elaborate illuminated letters on mixed wood and stone substrates. You may even want to consider painting the wall prior to hanging your sign, which will affect the overall look of your space, as well as the timeline of the project. But be sure to let us know if you plan to make changes to the wall! (One of our biggest challenges was when we went to hang a new lobby sign at a dentist office, and they had installed wood-paneling without telling us!)

The possibilities are endless, so give us a call or stop by the studio to see some samples. We can also do a site visit to determine what would work best within your space. There are many variables that will affect readability, such as color contrast with the wall, lighting from windows and other sources, various barriers like furniture or architectural elements. Our artists are experts at recognizing potential issues, and will address those at the design stage. If you’d like some ideas prior to meeting with us, visit our Pinterest page to see our project portfolio, or check out our sign guide.

Need Help? We’re Here!

If you have any questions or concerns about your design, please give us a call.

“Great company to work with! Steve and the crew are very responsive and the final product always looks fantastic.”
David Nallick
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For more examples of our work, please visit our Pinterest page.

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