6 Reasons to Invest in Signage

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Your business might be doing “just fine” and you don’t really see the need to update or add signage to your workspace. But studies show that signs are critical for everything from first impression to creating confidence in working with someone. Here are some ways to add visibility as well as ROI:

  1. If your outdoor sign is faded or falling down, your customers are going to think you’re not keeping up with the times. They might think your business isn’t doing well or doesn’t care about quality. You’re sending the wrong message with sloppy signage.
  2. If your outdoor signs have lights burned out (or isn’t lit at all), people will again think you don’t pay attention to detail. Or they won’t be able to find you after dark. A well-lit sign can increase awareness of your business by over 30%, especially in densely populated or highly visible locations. It’s practically free advertising!
  3. Is it clear where to park or how to find the front door? Directional signs not only help people find their way to your business, but make your customers, prospects and even employment candidates feel supported. Don’t make people frustrated trying to figure out where to go – guide them with yard signs, door graphics, dynamic digital displays in the lobby, and wall-mounted signs in hallways, elevators, stairwell, etc.
  4. Decorative wall and window graphics can also help people find their way while introducing them to your brand’s personality. Anything from small vinyl decals to full wall murals can express your culture, company vision or even product benefits. Frosted vinyl, brightly colored dimensional graphics or dramatic photos will add a ton of character and energy to your workspace.
  5. Once a customer comes in your front door, what is the vibe? Is it a dreary front desk with scuffed up walls, a few beat-up chairs and old magazines? This isn’t going to spark any interest in doing business with you. Where’s the ‘wow’ factor? This is critical to building relationships with prospects and for employee engagement. If you sell tires, how about a giant tire on the wall with your logo suspended from it? If you’re a dentist, how about a series of photo boxes showing happy people with beautiful smiles? If you’re a luxury apartment, how about a water feature with dimensional signage mounted at the top? The possibilities are endless, and worth the investment.
  6. Do you drive a company car or have a fleet of vehicles? If you aren’t adding vehicle graphics, you’re missing a huge opportunity to advertise your company and grow your business. A simple logo, tagline and contact information can go a long way. But a big photo of your product or service can turn heads. Picture a giant paint brush for a painting company, a juicy burger for a food delivery service, a bunch of puppies for a veterinarian. Those are memorable images that will make the phone ring!

We have a ton of ideas that we’d be happy to discuss with you – just give us a call and we can help you plan a signage marketing strategy that will be well worth the investment. 763-432-7630

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