Years in the Making

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Well, it didn’t really take years to make, but it took about that long from the time this gorgeous sign was first discussed to the time this picture was taken.

Years in the Making 1

Hidden Village is a cute townhouse community in Golden Valley, tucked back in the woods along Basset Creek. Their monument sign was long past its prime; originally made from wood, it was rotting and falling apart. So they came to KORT to get some ideas for a new one.

Years in the Making 2

Our original proposal included a variety of sign designs including a light-weight, aluminum hollow box with dimensional letters and numbers, but it just wasn’t in their budget. They were updating their grounds, pool and other common areas, and the sign was a lower priority at that time. Over the years we continued to suggest ideas, and worked extensively with the owners, the townhouse association and the maintenance team to come up with a cost-effective solution.

One of the board members took it upon himself to research the look they were after and found a steel backboard. He had it chemically treated for the effect you see now. Their handyman was able to take apart the old sign and haul it away, saving them money on disposal services. As a craftsman himself, he also built a new wooden structure with a frame for the sign, which saved them money both on time and materials. They hired us to make the dimensional letters and numbers and to install them onto the steel sign surface. Their handyman installed the sign into the frame he had made himself.

Years in the Making 3

The final product was a joint effort of creative people, working to improve the image of this established neighborhood while diligently saving money along the way. Ask us how we can partner with you to create a fresh new look for your business while saving on labor and material costs. And hopefully it won’t take several years!

Of course we’re always happy to take the pressure off of you by doing all the work, from start to finish, too! Call KORT Sign Design at 763-432-7630.

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