Driving ROI: How Vehicle Wraps Generate Huge Return on Investment

Whether you own just one commercial vehicle or a fleet of hundreds, there is great potential for payback on your vehicle investment sitting right in your parking lot. The payback comes from a professionally designed, custom vehicle wrap installed by expertly trained personnel.

Wondering if your vehicles will truly catch eyes? An American Trucking Association survey found that 90% of respondents noticed messages on vehicles and 80% remembered the company/product name. Brand recognition is a proven payoff of vehicle branding.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America calculated that there are 600-1,000 impressions per mile driven by one vehicle. That means 20,000 miles per year can produce 12 million impressions! Another statistic from the same group noted one wrapped vehicle can produce 30,000-70,000 impressions per day. This beats out other advertising investments and is a great supplement to your current advertising efforts.

Another thing to consider is that a well-done, high-quality vehicle wrap requires minimal annual maintenance and upkeep. This means that every year the vehicle is on the street, the ROI goes continues to rise.

Vehicle wraps benefit any commercial sector, from food trucks to delivery services, florists to landscapers, and construction firms to grocery delivery. In addition, vehicle wraps are essential for healthcare services and public safety services, including ambulances, police cars, city/state vehicles and other vehicles needing immediate identification by the public.

Now for how we can help. At KORT, we specialize in designing and installing. vehicle wraps. We start with a professional, eye-catching design and make sure it is implemented by a professionally trained installer. This process leads to a proper flow of graphics and text elements around the vehicle. KORT also uses 3M™ vehicle wrap materials that are proven to be the industry standard for endurance in all road and weather conditions. Which means if you’re located in the Midwest (like us), your vehicle wrap will withstand the brutal Midwest winters. KORT also maximizes your vehicle space to enhance your brand message, making sure your message is seen from the front, side and rear.

If you want guaranteed ROI from your branding efforts, we encourage you to check out KORT vehicle wraps for either a single vehicle or your whole fleet. Learn more at https://kortsigns.com/vehicle-wraps-graphics/ or contact us at info@kortsigns.com.

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