How Are Lobby Signs Made?

Very carefully with skill and dedication.

First question to ask is will it be illuminated or non-illuminated?  If illuminated, will it be internally illuminated or lit from above, below, the sides, etc.  If illuminated, is there a power source nearby? Or do you need to hire a Master Electrician to bring power to where you want the sign to be displayed? If illuminated internally, where would you like the light to be seen?  The front, from the sides or behind splashing light on the wall?

There are a wide range of materials to choose from and a combination can be used for your lobby sign. If your lobby sign is illuminated with the light coming from the face, we’ll use an acrylic or polycarbonate to allow the light to shine through.  We’ve made some lobby signs just like we would a channel letter sign only smaller. The most common materials we have used are aluminum, PVC, acrylic, HDU foam and wood. We can paint these materials with just about any color you need. We can also adhere a laminate to PVC or acrylic to give it a unique look.  Chemetal and Wilson Art are the two brands we use the most and frankly if you can’t find what you want with the thousand of choices – paint it.

Your lobby sign could be flat using cut vinyl or a digital print and applied to the wall. (We can design, build and install custom wall murals too, but that’s another blog.) Most of the lobby signs we’ve made have a 3-Dimensional look and are made from a variety of thicknesses.  Or maybe you know you’ll be moving soon and you’d like your sign mounted to a panel of sorts. The panel could be made from wood, solid acrylic or clear acrylic to allow the wall to show through. The panel is mounted to the wall with a few stand-offs. And when it’s time to move, take your sign with you.

Placement of your lobby signs needs to come into consideration when manufacturing the sign.  We can put a simple cut vinyl logo (in a range of colors) on a wall. Or it could be individual, dimensional letters and shapes mounted directly onto the wall. We’ve had lobby signs floating from the ceiling with cables. Individual letters can be tape mounted and a little bit of silicone adhesive applied for direct mounting. Or we can stud mount them for heavier substrates. 

KORT Sign Design will help you with right materials, size, color, design and installation. Give us a call today! 763-432-7630.

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