How Much Do Lobby Signs Cost?

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$100 to $20,000. The price depends on several factors. The material makes a big difference – wood, plastic, foam, metals such as aluminum, steel, etc. We haven’t made one out of gold, but we have done out of solid bronze.  Even treating the metal costs more. For example, anodizing a metal for longer lasting finish, or most commonly, a brushed metal look which will take more time.

Do you want several different materials combined with varying thicknesses? Twice the thickness will double the price essentially. Also, size matters, twice the size twice the price.

Illumination will add costs to your lobby sign as well. We’ve made signs that are internally illuminated, standing off the wall with lights splashing behind them for a nice halo effect. And of course, externally illuminating the sign to cast interesting shadows.

The time it takes to install the sign will play a roll in the price. If it’s a simple rectangle with a stand-off in each corner; that would take less than an hour to install into a sheetrock wall.  Which brings up a point… What is the wall made from?  Brick and stone may require a hammer drill and takes longer. We did one lobby sign that had each individual letter with independent lighting which had to be pushed through the wall; pulled up to the ceiling and brought to a junction box for the electrician to hook up to power. That took all day with three people. But it looked amazing and was worth effort.

There are a lot of factors to consider and we can work within your budget.  Let us know what your budget is and we can find a solution to fit. Give us a call today! 763-432-7630.

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