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Signs from A to Z

Sometimes people are surprised to hear how many different types of signs we make. And even more surprised to realize that they’re missing some important ways to brand their business. So here – in a fun-filled alphabetical order – are a bunch of sign ideas you should consider:

(A) ADA signs – way finding with braille to comply with the American Disability Act, these are not just boring bathroom signs. They should complement the architecture and your brand.

(B) Banners – for both indoor and outdoor use, banners can come with grommets for hanging or installed in retractable stands. There are endless possibilities.

(C) Channel letter signs – typically found on the outside of buildings, these come in a variety of materials and lighting options.

(D) Digital prints – great for small quantities like store posters, shelf-talkers, table tents or other promotional signage.

(E) Environmental design – include a range of sign materials that enhance the customer experience in your office, store or restaurant.

(F) Floor graphics – fun for giving directions or special promotions, these can work on sidewalks, carpet, tile and other types flooring (make sure you use the right adhesive, depending on how long you want the to last).

(G) Graphic design services – OK, not really a sign, but a service we provide whether you need a new logo, brochure or even a website.

(H) Hanging signs – these can save valuable floor space and help to departmentalize an open area or promote special items.

(I) Interior signs – if you don’t have a dramatic sign to greet your guests, you’re giving the wrong signals. Here’s where it’s worth the money to make a good first impression!

(J) Jumbo LED Digital Displays – we don’t make them, but we’re an authorized reseller of big Jumbotron type of systems.

(K) Kitchen signs – used to tell staff to wash their hands, or whatever you need.

(L) Laminated signs – long lasting and waterproof, for messy people or places.

(M) Menu boards – made of chalkboard, magnetic strips or digital displays.

(N) Naughty signs – just seeing if you’re reading the whole thing!

(O) Outdoor signs – can be even more important than the interior signs (you gotta get them in the door first).

(P) Post & Panel or Pylon signs – one is temporary and one is permanent – do you know the difference? Commercial realtors use a lot of the post & panel types.

(Q) Quality signs – naturally.

(R) Routed out shapes – for a truly customized design, these can be made of acrylic, metal or all types of wood.

(S) Street signs – for those who still use the “old-fashioned” way to find their way.

(T) Trade show displays and graphics – the most important part of your investment in this sales technique is (again) getting people to notice you and clearly see what you do.

(U) Ugly signs – if you really want one. (But we’re great at fixing them too.)

(V) Vehicle signs – ranging from cut vinyl lettering to magnetic signs to full wraps, we are happy to do one car, truck, trailer or a fleet of vehicles!

(W) Wall murals – custom wallpaper can be a small section or a full room in your own style.

(X) Xtra cool signs – because we can.

(Y) Yard signs – remodelers, roofers, contractors, painters, builders – you know how the neighbors talk!

(Z) Zoning signs – or any special kind of distinction you need to make for controlling traffic, parking, etc.

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