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Motivate Employees with Signage

Does your staff drift to their desks each morning without much thought as to where they are or what they’re doing. Do meetings seem more like naptime? Is the closest thing to office artwork a bunch of boxes piled in the corner? Then it’s time to invest in some simple signage or graphics that will make a world of difference in your work environment as well as employee attitudes!


Signs aren’t just for giving directions or information. They can become a dramatic design element in your office, retail store or restaurant. Signs and graphics provide focus and positive feelings by utilizing pops of color, creating unique “spaces within spaces,” and showing commitment to the future. Here are some simple ideas that won’t break the bank, but may break the monotony of “work.”

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  • Frosted door or window graphics will create privacy and a sense of sophistication to an office or conference room. They can be partial or full-coverage.
  • Illuminated lobby signs will add drama to an otherwise dreary reception desk. Accessorize with plants, pottery or other interesting knickknacks.
  • Personal photos or illustrations can be printed on canvas and stretched over a frame to make custom artwork. Hire a pro to take close-ups of your products or people for an artistic expression of your business.
  • Wall graphics, such as inspirational quotes or icons, will direct the eye away from worn out furniture or other lackluster artifacts.
  • Hanging banners or pull-up banner stands will hide unsightly areas or can be used to designate a special space. They’re easy to change out or move around when needed (they can also be part of your traveling tradeshow display).
  • Custom wallpaper will add dimension, texture and personality while showcasing your products or services in a stylish way. Imagine giant photos of lush landscapes or decadent deserts. The possibilities are endless.
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Of course there are ways to enhance the outside of your building too. Give employees a sense of purpose, not dread, when they come to work each day. Call KORT Sign Design for a personal consultation of your business space, and for ways to energize both staff and guests. Ideas are always free. But we won’t hold back on the critique. 763-432-7630

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