Why Custom Signs Take Time

People are often surprised to hear how long it takes to create a sign – let alone the estimate. But unless you’re asking us to reproduce something that’s been done already, we have to start from scratch.

Unlike banners, yard signs and posters that can be estimated based on common sizes and materials, permanent indoor and outdoor signs are one-of-a-kind designs that require quite a bit of work upfront before we can give you a bid. For example:

  • Do you have a digital logo file are do we need to create it?
  • Do you know the exact size or do we need to do a site visit?
CM-in progress
  • Do you know what type of material(s) you want? Metal, wood, acrylic, vinyl?
  • What type of wall will the sign go on? Does the wall need painting or repairs?
  • Will lighting be required? Is there electricity there now?
  • Do you have permission from your landlord?
  • Do you have permits from the city?

In most situations, we’ll stop by and take pictures and measurements, plus talk with you about your goals for the sign: what are you trying to communicate; what’s your brand’s personality; what’s your budget?


If you have the artwork prepared for us, then it’s pretty quick to put together an estimate and timeline for you. But if you’d like us to present some concepts with recommendations for materials, that’ll take a few days for research and design. Once you select one of our sign ideas, we’ll work up a quote. And once you say “go”, then we’ll talk timing.

Many of the “coolest” and most dramatic, effective sign designs include multiple types of materials and assembly processes. At KORT, we can do a wide range of production tasks in-house, but we also rely a variety of other vendors to provide parts of your sign. For example, we don’t stock sheets of acrylic – those are custom ordered. We don’t do metal letter bending or manufacture LED lighting components. But we know exactly where to get the best materials for your sign and will coordinate every aspect for you.

Just keep in mind that as simple as the design might seem, the production is usually quite complicated. And worth the wait.

Your business sign represents your company’s commitment to quality and service. Don’t skimp, and don’t rush. Let us help you make a great first impression on your customers, which will last a lifetime.

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