custom menu board bauhaus

Visual magnetism

If you aren’t ready to jump into digital signage (or don’t like the look), then magnets make a great choice for temporary or changeable signs!

Of course magnets work well on car doors for a subtle “calling card” type of ad. But magnetic strips also have a wide variety of uses in restaurants and retail stores.

Create an inventory of products and prices and change them out monthly, weekly or even daily. Magnetic material comes in different thicknesses, finishes, colors and strength. We can print right on the magnetic material or apply printed vinyl depending on the look you’re going for. A magnetic-receptive sheet with an adhesive and liner can turn a display area into a versatile magnetic board.

This menu board for Bauhaus Brew Labs is made of sheet metal, printed vinyl and white magnet strips to promote their seasonal craft beer selection. The sign is framed in reclaimed wood and the combination of materials fits in with their mix of high tech and retro interior design. Their brews are in limited supply, so the owners decided to hand write the names on white magnetic strips, but when possible, we recommend printing in a simple, clean font that is readable from a distance.

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