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Vivid vehicle graphics


Looking for a reasonable and effective way to advertise your business? How about on your own car or truck! Vehicle graphics are like moving billboards, only better. You get more exposure and longer viewing times – in the specific areas of town where you work. Imagine the number of people you drive by or park near when you’re at appointments, shopping, eating out or going to a movie…

There are lots of options so don’t think you have to do an obnoxiously wild wrap all over your car (unless you want to, of course). Big or small, permanent or temporary, you’re sure to get noticed. Here are a few ideas:

Magnetic Signs: If you drive your vehicle for both business and personal use, you may not want to be always “on.” A quick solution is to use magnetic signs on the doors, hood or trunk that can be taken off whenever you want. They can be designed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and will look very professional.

Truck graphics

Vinyl Graphics and Lettering: Your logo, phone number, and website are important information to share when you’re out and about. If you’re a remodeler and you park your car in front of each customer’s house, think about all the neighbors who will see your truck. (You should have a yard sign too, by the way). If you really want to showcase your business, a graphic element can be added for greater impact, brand recognition, and personality.

Vehicle Wraps: Partial or full wraps are done with sheets of vinyl and can be very attention-getting. If you work downtown where the food trucks line up once a week, you realize how much the design of the truck influences your appetite! Make sure the graphics compliment the cuisine.

Vinyl lettering

Window perf material, as shown in the Gigi’s Cupcakes photo above, elevates your message to eye level. It’s totally see-thru from the inside so your view out the back window isn’t affected at all.

PET PEEVE ALERT! Are you driving around in an unmarked utility truck or van? You’re attracting all the wrong kind of attention; it’s a ‘sure sign’ of some kind of kidnapper or terrorist. Put some graphics on that thing!

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