Keeping the lights on

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If your New Year’s resolution is to stay in business, we hear ya. There are a lot of challenges in owning or managing a business in today’s competitive environment. Things can change at any minute, so you must be proactive to keep the lights on.

We can’t address all your business issues, but when it comes to your signage, the most important thing is that it can be seen. Your location plays a big part of that, and so does the size of the sign, but there are limitations based on your building’s restrictions and your city’s rules and regulations.

Lighting can solve a lot of visibility problems, whether it’s illuminated from within the sign or externally shining on the sign. If you’re worried about the electrical bill, then it’s time to update to LED. Traditionally, signs and displays have used fluorescent or neon lighting but many companies are now transitioning into longer lasting, energy saving and eco-friendly LEDs. And the investment is paying off in many ways:

  • Brighter, truer color and light than a filtered bulb.
  • Energy efficient (80-90% less power required than incandescent bulbs).
  • No noise, like the humming, ticking or pinging of other light bulbs.
  • Less maintenance, lasting twice as long as fluorescents and 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Incredibly durable and safe, taking little energy or heat.
  • Versatile in color and shapes.

If you’d like to consider updating or enhancing your sign lighting – or any of your indoor or outdoor signs – give us a call. 763-432-7630

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