Why We Need to See Your Vehicle


Lots of people call us and want a vehicle wrap estimate over the phone. We get it – you’re busy and you think it should be cut and dry… but it’s not. There are many variables, and we want to give you an accurate quote right from the beginning so there aren’t any surprises (for either of us) down the road.

We have templates for almost every car or truck ever made, and we use these to do the basic design and production file set up. But even if you give us the exact year, make and model, there can be variances in the manufacturers’ design. Plus, you may have gotten upgrades or added some cool aftermarket parts. Or maybe there’s a little damage or rust that we have to take into account?


When you bring your vehicle into the shop, we’ll take pictures and measurements, plus show you the different types of materials available. Do you just want a quick wrap for a limited time promotion, or do you want a semi-permanent brand design? Have you considered a partial wrap vs. full coverage? All of these decisions will affect the way we quote the project and plan the installation timeline.

Full vehicle wraps make a huge impact on the road, but you can still have a dramatic design without full coverage. There are some really creative ways to design vehicle graphics without covering the mirrors, fenders or roofs, which can be labor intensive (meaning more money).


Let’s meet and talk about your goals for the project, your budget, and most importantly, the details of your car, truck or van!

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