It’s almost too late for last-minute signage

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A year ago we started telling people it was time to update their signs. If hundreds of thousands of people are going to be here in the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl, you should spruce up your space in order to grab attention on the outside, and make a good impression inside.

Wall Graphics

So now there are only a few weeks before the Big Game. There’s still time to replace lights and clean up your current signs so they look their best, but it’s too late for things like new channel letters, post and panels, awnings, blade signs, monuments, etc. Not that we couldn’t make them… but you’d have to get permits, order materials, schedule installers, etc. (Not to mention the weather factor!)

Most permanent-types of signs take anywhere from three to eight weeks, depending on the complexity. But here are some last-minute signage ideas that we could still do for you to help draw attention to your business:

  • Standees (life-size cutouts)
  • Hanging signs and banners
  • Menu boards and sidewalk signs
  • Window graphics (applied to the inside only)
  • Wall art (probably not full murals, but vinyl lettering, simple graphics, framed prints)
  • Yard signs (if you can get them in the ground)
  • Vehicle wraps (but hurry!)
Pole Sign

Whether you’re downtown, on a main road, in a prime shopping area or a destination location, it’s important to have great signs at all times. Don’t be fooled into thinking that people don’t notice faded, peeling, lopsided displays. You may be missing out on potential customers because of the negative impression you’re making.

If you don’t do it for the Super Bowl, at least talk to us about your 2018 New Year’s resolution to improve your business’ appearance – both inside and out. Be part of the #BoldNorth and build your business through exceptional signage. 763-432-7630

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