Five reasons to make your sign a priority

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Opening a new business? Get the sign installed sooner rather than later!

Whether you’re opening a restaurant or retail store, there’s no reason to put up the sign last. In fact, the sign should be one of the first things you do. That way people know you’re coming and will stop in as soon as you open. And installing your sign early will save you a lot of stress as you deal with other last-minute issues.

  1.  Designing and producing a permanent sign – usually done with channel letters – is a big investment. Do it right, and it will pay off for years to come. Do it in a rush (and cheaply) and you’ll likely redo it in a year or two, which is a big waste of money in the long run.
  2.   All outdoor signs require approval by the city – which is a whole separate story – and your landlord has rules too, so start the process early. Your sign company will provide the design and specifications to share with all parties so approvals can be streamlined. Knowing the electrical requirements and other installation details, like what materials the wall is made out of, will help reduce installation problems too.
  3.  Manufacturing channel letter signs can take up to six weeks. Sign making is still considered an art form, even in large formats. Many types of custom letters and graphic elements are handmade – even bending metal – so be sure your sign maker has your project in their queue and understands critical deadlines.
  4. Depending on your location, installation may require additional permits, special equipment and a variety of people (such as electricians, masonry specialists, bucket trucks). Plan ahead – especially so they aren’t interfering with the delivery of fixtures, furniture, and merchandise for your store or food for your restaurant.
  5. Are you going to start advertising before you open? Then the sign should be up to reinforce the message!

If you were thinking that the outdoor sign is the “finishing touch,” then think again. Plan, produce and install the sign in plenty of time before you open. Fresh flowers are a nice, last-minute detail – not the sign.

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