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Wall decals add dimension to decor


Even though wall graphics and lettering are only 2D, they seem to add a sense of dimension to home and office space. Designed and applied correctly, simple cut vinyl can be more eye-catching than framed art or other traditional types of displays (like boring bookshelves).


Wall decals can be printed on a variety of materials and with different types of adhesives to make them either temporary or semi-permanent. Retail stores like Target sell a huge variety of wall stickers, decals, appliqu├ęs and murals, so be sure to look there first. But those scratch easily and fall off fairly quickly. If you want something professional and truly unique – like your business logo, mission statement, personal photos or other design elements – than let’s talk! We can help you create a statement piece with quality materials.

It’s important to understand the type of wall where your graphics will be applied (plaster, sheet rock, wall paper), so we’re happy to visit in person and give recommendations before printing. We’ll also consider the amount of light in the room, the surrounding furniture, architecture, etc. Here are a few fun ideas for adding graphics to your business decor:

  • Veterinarian? Use larger-than-life cutouts of cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits playing together
  • Trucking company? Put a stylized rig rolling down the wall in your lobby
  • Hair salon? Waves of stylized tresses flowing across multiple surfaces
  • Day care? Storybook characters climbing under windows and on top of toy shelves
  • Liquor store? A wine list in different font treatments
  • Flower shop? Branches, birds and leaves blowing around a brightly painted wall
  • Restaurant? Decadent desserts, larger than life

You get the idea. Or if not, just Google “wall art” and see a million different designs. Then call us to talk about your ideas, brand and business decor!

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