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Vehicle graphics for work or fun

For fun.


Custom vehicle graphics are a fun way to personalize your car or truck. The options are endless – from small iconic designs subtly displayed in certain sections of your car, to huge attention-getting artwork like flames, food, creatures or caricatures.


You can also do a full color wrap in a matte, satin or metallic material that gives it a unique finish. (Think Batmobile.) See all the 3M vinyl color options here.

Vehicle graphics last from 5-7 years and can be removed if you lease or sell. It’s more affordable that a custom paint job, offering consistent color, positioning, size and shape from every angle. And a vinyl wrap can actually protect your vehicle, giving it a better resale value.

For work.


Most people think of vehicle graphics to promote their business, and for good reason: Marketing studies have shown that vehicle graphics are actually read and remembered better than most other forms of advertising. TV commercials have the highest retention rate, but you’d have to spend a lot of money to get the same exposure. Any time you’re on the road, your car is doing the selling for you! Just don’t be that guy that lays on the horn or weaves in and out of traffic – better to stay “incognito” if you drive like a madman.

For more ideas about turning your car or truck into a work of art or making it work hard for your business, call 763-432-7630 or write to

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