Takin’ it to the street

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Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective forms of mass advertising available. In metro areas, 30,000-70,000 people could see your message on any given day (depending on how much you’re out and about).

lulu street food

Not only is the cost-per-impression less than other media, it can’t be turned off like a TV or radio commercial. It will be seen in your community on a regular basis, building brand recognition.

Americans are spending more and more time on the road, either biking, driving, or riding mass transit. No matter how they commute, they’ll notice a creative vehicle pass by.

Cars or trucks can be partially or completely wrapped in graphics. Lettering, logos and other design elements can be applied to the sides, hood, trunk, bumper, or windows. Different designs lend themselves to different kinds of materials, but most are very easy to apply as well as remove.


We put these graphics on our car about a week ago and we’re tickled by the response. Several people have given us a smile and a thumbs-up. We even got a rowdy wave from a car full of teenagers. You never know, your next customer may be a neighbor or the guy you run into at the local coffee shop (hopefully not literally).

Call us for more ideas about turning your car or truck into a mobile billboard for your business! 763-432-7630

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