Fabulous fabric displays

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If you’re looking for new office decorating and environmental display ideas, consider signage on fabric! Our HP Latex printer has fantastic color quality and is perfect for creating banners and backdrops for sporting events, the performing arts, the home fashion industry, corporate settings, and trade show booths.

Fabric can really enhance your space, whether it’s for home or work. Decorative flags (both indoor and outdoor uses), backlit artwork, lampshades, room dividers, table covers or custom upholstery can really add interest and personality in your company’s waiting room. We can even print on canvas and stretch it over a frame to showcase a project, a charity, an employee, a new product line, etc.

Hanging signs

Fabric is a hit with trade show exhibitors because it’s easy to store and transport. It doesn’t wrinkle like vinyl or other banner material so it can have a longer shelf life, making it more cost-effective (shipping costs can be greatly reduced as well because it’s so much lighter). Tension fabric structures, pop-ups, banner stands, photographic backdrops – there are lots of ways to make a dramatic impression without too much drama to your checkbook.

Of course, there are some challenges with fabric as well. Our designers will work closely with you to get accurate color reproduction, which may take several rounds of experimenting and proofing on different types of fabric materials. Edge finishing and sewing can also be more complicated than vinyl display materials, so production time is typically longer. Plan ahead and there will be less drama all around.

The advantages of fabulous looking fabric displays are worth exploring! Give us a call or stop by the Golden Valley studio to get started. 763-432-7630

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