Environmental makeover

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There’s no doubt that people are in a hurry these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t notice your tired office or retail space. If your décor is out of date, people may think your business is too. Here are a few suggestions for freshening up your environmental design:

Wraps aren’t just for vehicle graphics anymore! You can cover poles, countertops, tables, benches, garbage cans, and even pillows. Use your brand colors and imagery to truly customize your space and make customers enjoy the experience of visiting your business.

Hanging signage is nice because it doesn’t take up floor space. Use signage to departmentalize areas or direct foot traffic. Materials can be dimensional or free flowing – silk and other fabrics move with airflow and attract attention. Hardware can be elaborate or practically invisible.


Custom wall murals are made with a print material that’s similar to wallpaper. Use your imagination to create a special area of your store, restaurant or reception area. This application has been well received in dentist and doctor’s lobbies, model homes, boutique fashion and home decorating stores. You can design your own wallpaper with text, graphic patterns, photos or a combination of elements.

Owner of KORT Sign Design, Steve Bunnell, encourages companies to spruce up their space. “There’s nothing like face-to-face interactions with your customers. Computers make it easy to do business online, but relationships suffer. There’s a lack of personal engagement and loyalty. Just by adding a few updates, you’ll make a great impression, build long-term relationships and see more repeat business.”  763-432-7630

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