A little green goes a long way

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When we were deciding to start up a sign studio, we researched a bunch of different printers. We found the DesignJet L26500 61″ Latex Printer to be the best choice because of its versatility, vivid image quality, and the reduced impact on the printing environment.


The water-based HP Latex Inks emit extremely low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and require no special ventilation, so our office is safer for our employees (and our doggie).

The graphics we produce are odorless, making them safe for healthcare, retail, hospitality and even home use. Some of our wallpaper media are GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified and meet AgBB criteria.

The overall impact on the environment is less because many of HP products are recyclable, including hardware and printing supplies.

These things were important to us, and we think they will be important to our customers too. We aren’t fanatics, but we’ve made substantial efforts to be green (check the logo). We recycle, conserve energy, and even buy used furniture and equipment when possible. It’s the right thing to do, and every little bit counts.

So if you’re thinking about how your promotional signage or interior décor could be more eco-friendly, give us a call and we’ll work through the various options with you! 763-432-7630

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