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Paint Masking with Vinyl Graphics

Wall lettering, decals and custom graphics can be easily achieved with digital printing on adhesive vinyl, and cut to the specific size and shape. This type of signage can be for either temporary or permanent use, and may have multiple elements such as dimensional shapes and letters from a variety of substrates. But sometimes a simple “stenciled” look is needed, where the image is actually ‘reversed’ out of paint on a wall, and cut vinyl in the form of a paint mask can be used for that too.

Technology has made it a lot easier for sign makers to create more intricate patterns and graphics using digital artwork in combination with a plotter and/or CNC router, which precisely cuts a variety of materials for signage or decorative applications. If you’d like to showcase the color or texture of your wall, you can create a ‘reversed out’ look, so that your wood, metal, plastic or even concrete surface comes through the graphics.

For this effect, the surface needs to be prepped for painting, and then a temporary paint mask is applied. Once it has adhered to the surface, we can paint over it as well as the surrounding area. When the paint has dried, we simply take off the vinyl stencil, and the negative area becomes your artwork!

For Truce Juice in Minneapolis, this was a fun way to put their logo at the entry. As part of a remodeling project, they needed to freshen up the flooring, so a coat of concrete stain with a stenciled logo was a great idea. Plus, there would be plenty of foot traffic as well as cleaning products that would otherwise disintegrate a traditional floor decal.

For biPro in Eden Prairie, we used the paint mask technique to put their logo and tagline on a hallway wall, leaving the off-white paint color to come through the new gray color, creating a “feature wall” in the main area of the corporate office.

For Novu in St. Louis Park, the decorative elements were done with multiple paint colors using a mask, and then dimensional elements added afterward.

The options are endless! Have you got a decorative sign idea but not sure how to pull it off? Give us a call to talk through the possibilities. 763-432-7630

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