Pillar Wraps and Other Ideas

KARE 11's Pillar Wrap


You’ve probably noticed advertising on pillars in parking garages. It’s an interesting way to reach your target audience, especially at a local level. The material used to wrap pillars, poles and columns is an adhesive vinyl designed for outdoor usage. We can print vivid color on a variety of substrates for this purpose, and laminate it for extra protection too.

Wrapping pillars or other surfaces inside your office can be a fun and cost-effective way to promote a product or just create some interesting spaces. There are a lot of things you could customize with vinyl graphics to make your business more inviting. Consider adding graphic elements to tables and countertops, garbage cans, planters, bookcases, elevators, stairs, walls and floors. Even textured surfaces like brick can be covered in vinyl – the application makes it look like it was airbrushed. Graphics can be subtle shapes that complement your decor, or full-color photos, illustrations, lettering or a combination of each.

  • Want to make your laundromat more welcoming? Wrap the washers and dryers in giant flowers.
  • Want to make your hospital less scary? Wrap the MRI equipment in cartoon characters.
  • Want to make your restaurant more mouth-watering? Wrap a wall in giant pastries.
  • Want to make your retail store harder to resist? Wrap a countertop in jewelry.

There are also fabric options which provide an upscale look. Imagine the waiting room of an architect’s office covered in landscapes, building plans and interior design elements. The possibilities are endless, but we can work within your budget to give your business a unique look both inside and outside the office. Call to learn more: 763-432-7630

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