Custom Lobby Signs are Essential

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Your lobby sign is essential to making a strong first impression. Not only does it greet guests, it can also set the tone of a meeting and inspire employees as they walk in the door every day.

In addition to your logo, a tagline or even the word “welcome” can make a big impact. You can add photos, graphic elements, textures and other dimensional materials making it a piece of art, not just a confirmation that someone’s in the right place. But you can only achieve these results by using a sign company that understands your brand and your budget, and is willing to meet with you in person.

Solidcore Sign 3

If you’re a financial services company, you probably want something sophisticated, implying success and wealth. Brushed stainless steel or polished teak would make a statement.

If you’re a digital advertising agency, you may want something trendy, like cut vinyl applied to plexiglass with metal standoffs.

If you’re a bakery, you want something that says freshness and decadence. You could do a full wall mural showcasing your irresistible treats with professional photos.


If you’re a local brewery, we’d recommend natural woods or even hand-painted signs. Craft beers deserve craft signs.

Buying a sign online might be cheap, but there’s value working a local designer that considers all the variables that will make your lobby sign unique. Both employees and customers will appreciate the effort and the sign will become part of your legacy. Don’t skimp.

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